hope for children in Pakistan

Blessed children orphan center  (Lahore)

we give orphan children in Pakistan a new home

We are like a big family

Hunger is a sad reality among the poorest in Pakistan 

With a little amount of money we can do big things

We should give children hope and not let them alone

Friends of „hope for children in Pakistan“

We are a circle of people who are concerned by the bad conditions of orphan children in Pakistan. We want to do something against poverty and we want to improve the living conditions of orphans and give them hope. We support the work of the shelter of orphans in Pakistan financially and morally: 

Please support us by a donation. We can help directly and without red tape. You can trust us, your donation comes to the children in need on a direct way. If you donate, you can give us your E-Mail Adress, we will send you a thank you. If you want to belong to the friends of "hope of children in Pakistan" please send us a note.