We are building a new house for the children's home

How the new building of the children's home is growing

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The story of our new fredge

It was a big moment for us: We got a big package, the kids were excited, what is in this package, a big gift for all of us?

 So, we unpacked this huge pack and what came out: Yes, we were all amazed, it was a refrigerator with a freezer. All the children were thrilled: this is ours now! they cried. You could hardly believe it, because for a long time we wanted a refrigerator! It is so hot now, often over 40 degrees, and the food spoils quickly. 

Here you see happy faces: Live will be easier, the fredge will be our friend and help us to get good food 

The fridge didn't fall from the sky, we bought it in a shop nearby. Thanks to a generous donation, we were able to do this.

Yes, it is a happy moment, all children and all of us from the helper team feel empowered: we are not left alone, there are people who think of us and support us. It was late that evening until the children finally slept. The delivery came late and we all wanted to share this happy moment.

The story of our new mattresses

These were our beds: mostly we slept on the wooden boards because there were no mattresses and that was very hard. But then everything changed.

With a generous donation we were finally able to buy new mattresses. We went to a nearby shop with our pull wagon, there we were allowed to choose beautiful mattresses and immediately brought them to our house.

What a pleasure, in fact, every bed got one of those beautiful blue mattresses and new bedding. Our bedroom became really cozy.

Can you imagine: the mattresses are soft and comfortable, we had a huge party, we jumped around on the mattresses and at night, oh, we could sleep very well and had nice dreams.

Of course it is a bit cramped in our bedroom, it would of course be nice if we could get a new bedroom, that boys and girls are separated, there are very nice people who want to help us.

We help in the Slum 

Our team of the Blessed Orphan Center also stands up for the people who live in the slums. There are  Christians who live in tents on the outskirts of the city without electricity and without water. The children are often under-networked and cannot attend public schools.

Thanks to a generous donation, many pots of rice could be cooked and filled into jars, and then we drove to the slum

When we arrived in the slum and started distributing the food boxes with rice, there was a big crush. Word got around quickly that there was something to eat here. But we had enough boxes for everyone. 


Many children live in the slums under very difficult conditions and hardly get what they need to live, we want to help directly and unbureaucratically.


Above all Christians live in the slums, they are denied access to the labor market by Pakistani society, they can only do simple, poorly paid cleaning work.

We try to help where we can, the need is great. Of course, a box with rice is just a little help, you would have to do a lot more, so we would like to share the little we have with these poor people.

So we pray that the world will not forget these children who have to grow up on the margins of our society: They too deserve a life worth living.

children should get the chance to learn 

We are building a Sunday school in remote villages because we believe that children should always have the chance to learn

This is how Sunday schools are created in the villages, which form valuable communities: The children feel: Christian faith provides security and radiates warmth.

Religious education is important. We are Christians in a predominantly Muslim country, we also want to strengthen the Christian faith among children.

We tell the biblical stories with pictures that children listen to with interest, we sing songs and we pray. 

Thank you for your help 

Thank you for supporting us, they give us hope

The children thank them with a drawing:

It is valuable for the children if they know that there are people who stand behind them, support them and give them hope for a good future.

Here you learn more about us

Are you interessted in our storys about our work, about our daily fighting for good conditions for our children, about what's happening around our childrens home: Come here and read, you will learn more about us, you get informations und you can interact: Tell us your questions, we try to answers. So we looking forward meeting you here.